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Turbo Nano 21

Turbo Nano 21 is one of the best selling products in our Victoria and South Australia showrooms. This particular bodyboard is 21-inches long and offers classy yet sturdy design. It is a lightweight board that has in-built PE deck and EPS core. You can also find 60/40 double rails, clipped crescent tail and other key features. Nano 21 is now available in 7 different colours, including red, blue, black, pink, orange, neon and grey. You can choose the product as per your requirement and enjoy the sport of bodyboarding. You can buy Turbo Nano 21 from all our stores and we are also planning it to sell in the US.


Acumen Zed Core (2 * Stringers)

Our exclusive collections of Acumen Bodyboards are perfect for transforming your intermediate riding into an elite one. This particular model – zed core, is one of the favourite boards among professional riders because it can help you stay balanced in all sizes and shapes of waves. It comes with 2 stringers to add extra support and comfort. The best part is that it is 100 per cent waterproof and lightweight board that has previous generation PE core for better control when you face the wave. This model is available in two colours, Red and Neon. You can buy it from our showroom and elevate your surfing skills.


Turbo Jet Black 42/43

Are you looking for a new-age bodyboard for riding? Look no further than Turbo Jet Back 42/43 model. It offers some of the great features, such as High Density BPP core, perimeter deck control system, rigidness, Qmesh ripple water control system along with nose bulbs. It also has 2 x carbon fibre stringers to add strength and longevity. The stringers also enhance control and performance and that’s why it is one of best products in our collection. The jet black colour also gives stylish look and beauty to your customised bodyboard. You can buy this product in different sizes according to your comfort.


Friction Limited PP

If you are looking for a premium bodyboard within your estimated budget, this model is perfect for you. It is designed using best materials to add longevity, strength and comfort when bodyboarding in the sea. It is ideal for bigger people wanting a pro model in larger sizes at an affordable price. The product has a PP core of a 1.9 density which is the standard mark for high performance bodyboards. This means you can control the speed and improve your performance without any discomfort. You can buy this model in five different colours, including black, green, red, yellow and orange.


Prima EPS 2* Stringer

The Prima model is particularly designed for beginners to intermediate bodyboarding riders. It is great board that let you improve your skills and face the waves without any discomfort. The model comes with 2 x stringers to boost the longevity and strength of the board. It gives a chic look and great comfort when riding. There is also an inbuilt contoured deck to control your direction and speed. This EPS model is a great product because it is available in 10 different colours and sizes. You can also buy a customised board depending on the size and other details.


Turbo Enigma

We are proud to present you with the super-affordable bodyboards for kids. It is an entry-level board that comes with EPS core to make it lightweight with superior strength. It is easy to control bodyboard merged with durability and strength. There is also nose grips to give additional control. Believe it or not! This is an affordable and easy to manage bodyboard that will give comfort and style to your kids. We have this model in three different sizes and cool colours because we are the best bodyboard designers and developers in Australia. To buy this product, feel free to call us or visit our showroom in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Newcastle.

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