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Highly-Experienced Turbo Bodyboards Designer and Developers in NSW, Victoria & South Australia.

Delivering quality products for the sport of bodyboarding!

At Turbo Surf Designs BodyBoards, we have been offering high-quality and professional bodyboards, swim fins, wetsuits and other accessories across Victoria, South Australia and NSW. We are one of the leading brands and planning to expand our networks in the US and other countries all around the world.
The company was founded by Benjamin Smith and Edward Brown in 2015 in Melbourne, Victoria with the sole aim to provide a one-stop solution for bodyboarding products and accessories. We are committed to offering high-performance, sturdy and quality bodyboards and allow riders to showcase their talent on the waves. Our top-quality products are inspired by the daring and passionate riders and people around the world.
You can visit our showrooms in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle and Adelaide where you can explore an exclusive range of bodybords, wetsuits, bags, customised t-shirts, caps, swim fins and flippers, etc, at the most reasonable price.

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Established in 2015, Turbo Surf Designs Bodyboards has been delivering quality products and services.

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From bodyboards to fins and leashes, you can buy all your bodybaording and surfing products under one roof.

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We believe that quality is one of the important things that can keep you ahead of your competitors.


Riding the dangerous waves is not an easy sport. We are here to give you that comfort by designing customised boards and wetsuits.


Since inception, we have been delivering bodyboarding products at the most affordable prices.

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